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Four by Four's raison d'être is to help organisations and their staff to develop and manage change in step with the needs of their industries, their customers and their own professional lives.

At the heart of our work is the recognition of human assets rather than human resources.

We provide a full range of services in the fields of people development and organisational change, specialising in leadership development, programme design, peer group training and coaching.

We work with groups and individuals to develop and extend their ability to act as agents for change rather than see themselves as victims of change.

We believe that the individual is the key to success for any organisation; by both nurturing and challenging each individual in an appropriate manner, their contribution is improved, their self-esteem is increased, and their value to the organisation is recognised.

They are prized assets.

Please also take the time to view our associated organisation, Vision For Action.

We are proud supporters of The Hunger Project, a global, not-for-profit movement of people committed to the sustainable end of hunger. The Hunger Project is a strategic organisation that empowers women and men to end their own hunger through grass roots leadership development. To find out more go to www.thehungerproject.co.uk and www.thp.org.


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